About Us

A Beacon, Light House, Collective Exploration and Singularity of Voice and Recognition!

How and Why of What, Where and When

Indians across the world have made a niche for themselves, keeping intact their value system and religious beliefs. They are praised by the local nationals as law-abiding, peaceful, disciplined, hard-working citizens with high business acumen and professionalism, bringing laurels and wealth to their motherland. Indians today occupy highest offices in government and private sector overseas and are also known wealth creators and leading businesspersons.

GIBA is offering an International Platform to meet, share and celebrate this ‘Successful Global Indian’ wave and contribute in further Nation Building Process. Global Indian Business Association is not a chamber, political platform or a networking site. GIBA is an IDEA whose time has come.

Get to Know Us

With our Registered office in London, UK, and current offices operational in Hamburg, Germany, Warsaw, Poland and New Delhi, India, our initial focus is on developing new opportunities for participation for our associates and members across Europe-India and UK-India corridors, showcasing their successes and making sure that recognitions are in time to sustain the momentum. We have planned a series of events and industry focused programs. Welcome to GIBA!